A quick grey-scale drawing of my OC Jahoda, Leaning on a new sword design.
Took around 2 hours…
$7 commission WIP, Have some texture down and most color. Should be done soon.
Drawing I did today and managed to finish.
3 by =7Knights
3 30 minutes or less sketches. Not really worth their own posts.
A quick doodle on the back of my sketchbook for my moms college.
A quick sneak peak at what I am working on right now.
If you would like a commission please Send me a message on Deviantart: 7knights.deviantart.com or email me at commissionknights@yahoo.com
A $20 commission WIP, A full-body assassin chick… Pretty cool so far. Also using my new corel painter 12.Time so far….. Ehhh 3 hours?
A quick 5 minute anatomy practice sketch.
A $10 commission speedpaint.
Video to follow.